The Seikado Collection
Seikado houses their collection of 6,500 works of art in a museum. Yanosuke Iwasaki collected a wide range of art including swords, tea ceremony utensils, Chinese and Japanese painting, calligraphy, pottery, lacquerware, paper and brushes, and wood carvings. His son, Koyata subsequently expanded the collection, pouring his soul into establishing a comprehensive and systematic collection of Chinese pottery and porcelain covering the Han through Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.
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Scenes from Sekiya and Miotsukushi Chapters of The Genji Monogatari (Tale of Genji) by Tawaraya Sotatsu
National Treasure
Edo period, 17th century
Pair of six-fold screens, color on gold-leafed paper.
Each height 152.3cm. Width 355.6cm.

Heiji Monogatari Emaki (illustrated handscroll of stories about the Heiji Civil War): Scroll of Shinzei
Important Cultural Property
Kamakura period, 13th century
Handscroll, color on paper.
Height(breadth) 42.7cm. Entire length 1001.7cm.

Wakan Roei-sho, known as "Ota-gire"
National Treasure
Heian period, 11th century
2 handscrolls, ink on paper.
Upper scroll: height 25.7cm, entire length 337.3cm.
Lower scroll: height 25.7cm, entire length 274.4cm.

Tea bowl, Yohen Temmoku
National Treasure
Song dynasty, 12-13th century
Jian ware.
Height 7.2cm. Diameter at mouth 12.2cm.
Drum-shaped water jar with applied peony design reliefs, celadon
Important Cultural Property
Southern Song-Yuan dynasty, 13th century
Long-quan ware.
Entire height 19.5cm. Diameter at mouth 22.0cm.

Writing box with Sumino-e design, maki-e by Ogata Korin
Important Cultural Property
Edo period, 17-18th century
Entire height 9.0cm. Width 23.2cm. Length 26.2cm.

Tachi blade by Tegai Kanenaga
National Treasure
Kamakura period, 13th century
Blade length 73.0cm.