Hina Dolls
of the Iwasaki Family

February 20, 2021 (Sat) - March 28, 2021 (Sun)

Closed: Mondays

Hina dolls that Koyata Iwasaki (1879 - 1945), 4th president of Mitsubishi, ordered for his wife, Takako from the Maruhei, Oki Doll Company. Please come and meet the child-like festival dolls, with their charming white, glossy, round faces. With daffodils and plum blossoms in bloom, we’ll also be exhibiting pictures and crafts that have an appreciation for spring.
National Treasure Tea bowl, Yohen Tenmoku, will also be exhibited.

Hina dolls, crown prince and princess as boy and girl selected from the “Hina Dolls of the Iwasaki Family”
produced by the studio of Oki Heizo V
Early Showa Period (20th Century)
Important Cultural Property Nonomura Ninsei “Tea-leaf jar with design of Mt. Yoshino in overglaze enamel”
Edo Period (17th Century)

“Departure” in Arts

April 10, 2021 (Sat) – June 6, 2021 (Sun)

Closed: Mondays (However, open on May 3), May 6 (Thurs)

In 2022 Seikado will move its art gallery to Meiji Seimei Kan building (inaugurated in 1934, registered as an important cultural property) in Marunouchi. This exhibition will be the last one held at the present venue of Okamoto in Setagaya-ku.
Seikado library was established in 1892 by Iwasaki Yanosuke in his residence at Kanda Surugadai. It was moved to Takanawa in 1911, before it was relocated to the present building in Setagaya in 1924. Since 1977 it has been holding exhibitions of its collection of art works and other objects for the general public.
This exhibition has been organized under the theme “Departure in Arts” to feature travels in Japan and Asia and meeting and parting related to them, as well as to explore images of ideal lands, were the travelers intended to reach. Also it highlights the history of masterpieces in Seikado’s collection with interesting episodes and traces the 130 years of Seikado and looks back the 30 years of the art gallery.

Important art object, Laozi crossing the barrier
By Chen Xian
Ming-Qing dynasty, 17th century
Traveling through hell and paradise
By Kawanabe Kyosai
Meiji era, dated 1869-72
National treasure, Tea bowl “Yohen Tenmoku” (called "Inaba Tenmoku")
Jian ware, Southern Song dynasty, 12th-13th century